Get a Property Cleanup in the Conover & Hickory, NC Area

Don't Waste Your Weekend Raking Leaves

As the seasons pass, your property goes through a variety of major changes. Pro Series Lawn Care Inc understands how each season affects your lawn and the rest of your property. We offer comprehensive property cleanup services in the Conover, NC area. This way, your lawn can stay healthy year-round.

Get started on your property cleanup now by speaking with a professional from Pro Series Lawn Care. We serve Conover, NC and beyond.

Learn about our spring and fall yard cleanups

Learn about our spring and fall yard cleanups

The best times to get a professional property cleanup are during the fall and spring. Call us at the start of spring to:

  • Remove debris from your property
  • Mow, edge and blow your lawn
  • Replace your damaged or seasonal plants
  • Replace your mulch or straw
  • Trim and prune your shrubs and trees
  • Fertilize your lawn and plants

When fall comes around, Pro Series Lawn Care knows just what to do. Call us again to:

  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Mow, edge and blow your lawn once more before winter
  • Replace your mulch
  • Prepare your lawn for winter with a winterizer fertilization

To learn more about our spring and fall yard cleanups in the Conover, NC area, call 828-781-0326 today. We're always happy to answer your questions.

Real Estate Property Cleanup

Are you ready to sell your home and need a professional landscaper to make your property look it's best? Maybe you have a property that the last owner let become overgrown. Our professional yard cleanup can transform overgrown and neglected lawns and landscapes and add curb appeal in no time! We'll mow and trim overgrown lawns, edge the walks, trim shrubs and hedges, and even remove junk and debris to make your property look it's best.

Let us get your lawn or yard back on track with a thorough yard cleanup